Bee pollen vs Honey

Bee pollen vs Honey : Who won?

In comparing bee pollen vs honey, there are several health benefits bee pollen can give than its more popular counterpart.

Bee pollen and honey come from the same source – flowers. Bees collect bee pollen and the nectar of the flowers (to be later turned into honey) and deposit them into the hive.beehive

Each bee can fly up to 20,000 flowers to collect pollen and nectar over the span of their lifetime.

Bees process both the pollen and nectar collected with special enzymes which convert the products to bee pollen and honey, respectively.

Both honey and bee pollen are fed to bees. The worker honey bees and larvae eat the honey while male worker drones eat the bee pollen.

While honey and bee pollen may have the same roots, their nutritional value are very different. For one, bee pollen contains a far more superior mix of nutrients than honey.

Bee pollen contains over 5,000 essential nutrients including; a dozen amino acids, tens of essential vitamins, sodium, potassium and iodine.

The nutritional value of bee pollen also comes with antioxidants. The anti-oxidative property of bee pollen has been touted to reduce inflammation in the prostate causede by prostasis and other related conditions.

It is thought that bee pollen can also aid in the body’s healing and rejuvenation process – especially in muscles.

In contrast with bee pollen, honey contains a wide variety of sugars including fructose, maltose, sucrose and glucose. Water comprises the majority of honey – as much as 70 percent.

While it is comprised of many sugars, honey has a lesser value of nutrition than bee pollen. Honey doesn’t have the nutrients that bee pollen can give.

Speaking of sugars, Bee pollen contains very little carbohydrates. Honey, on the other hand, contains a very high collection of calories.

Although honey is a healthier option than table sugar, consumption of it is discouraged in diabetics.

But as popularity comes, honey is still the most popular bee product.

We hope to change that

The bee pollen movement has been steadily gaining momentum as various uses for it has been discovered.

In China bee pollen products are the most popular weight loss supplement. In India and Malaysia, bee pollen has been steadily gaining popularity as a diabetic supplement.

Imagine, bee pollen can help you with your nutrition. The overall evidence show that bee pollen is more advantageous to honey in terms of the health benefits and healing properties.

That is why we are advocating the use of bee pollen as a regular part of the diet. We believe that bee pollen is a wonder food with many possibilities.

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